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- it is starting to sound like a cliche to say that things need to change to reflect the different kind of learners and the different learning environment that now exists. Many very creative and intelligent people speak at length about how we need to fix the education system to achieve different results. Now is the time to let the students speak, in a language that fits their learning modalities.

We ofter hear the phrase, "left to my own devices, I would......". Let's have the students fill in the blanks. Let's give the students their voice in the conversation. In many schools, (including the one I work in), devices like phones, iPads, etc. are prohibited. I am not sure how I would be able to do my job if my bosses prohibited the use of my devices. Yet, somehow we put students in a different category because we do not like what they do with their devices. They are "off-task". Perhaps the task is the wrong task. What is the assignment that will get students to be interested, inspired, motivated? Chime in and add your voice to this conversation.

At the  IntegratEDPDX Conference in Portland, Oregon, one of the keynote speakers, Travis Allen (iSchoolInitiative) spoke about students and how they should be a part of the solution.

In a world of sound bites and pundits eager to promote the next new thing to improve student achievement and increase graduation rates, we tend to ignore the students themselves. A forum for student input needs to be provided. The missing voice in the conversation is the voice of the students themselves. 

This site provides the format to hear the voices of students as they let us know what they want to see in Education. What is missing? How can we make it better? What even might we be doing right? 

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