Left To My Own Devices

As I was returning from the conference in Portland on President's Day weekend, I was thinking about all the great and wonderful ideas that I had been participating in and contemplating the big questions about the how we can improve education for students. I realized that the voice that is often missing from this conversation is the voice of the students.

I thought about what 'left to my own devices' would mean to me in my own education and I was motivated to develop this site as a forum to collect the ideas of students around the world. What do students want? How can their voices help the leaders in education promote change that will truly move the system forward?

So, this is it, lefttomyowndevice.com. How can the new technologies bring forth real change in the education of the modern learner? I hope that this site proliferates and gains traction in the debate on educational improvement.

Tim Welch,
Cove, Oregon
February, 2013

Music (Send It Down) by Kai Welch