Professional Development

Recently a group of professional teachers and administrators from Oregon met to collaborate and develop a plan to carry forward the mission of what had been the ORVSD training cadre. As we discussed ideas about what works best for teachers to pursue their own professional development with Instructional Technology Practices, I realized that I needed to actually collect some information from my own staff about what actually works for them. 

I decided to repurpose this old website I had setup a few years ago to gather information from students about using devices in education.

Tell us about your best practices for Professional Development. As we were brainstorming about the best way to bring staff development opportunities to our staff, it became apparent that the best source for ideas about what works is the teachers themselves. There are many ways to provide staff development:
  • Summer institutes
  • One-on-one training
  • Just-in-time training
  • Conferences
  • Weekly times set aside for professional growth
  • Web-based instructional programs
Please help us know what works for you. Click the start button and fill out the simple four question form, then see what others are saying about this same topic.

You can choose to remain anonymous with your name and school, but please take a minute to write about the best ways that you learn about useful instructional practices.